A Message for Our Dobson Drama Family

After much consideration, we have decided to cancel our production of In The Heights. This has been an incredibly difficult decision to make. It’s hard for us to know how much time and effort was spent on this production without being able to see the end product.

When we decided to mount In the Heights for our spring musical we knew we were setting a goal to surpass many of our highest achievements. One goal in particular was to design and build the largest and most complex set we have ever had for any production. But we didn’t stop there. This performance would be incredibly challenging in every aspect of production. We had high expectations for the costumes, music, dancing, vocals, sound, and lighting. Our students brought that talent necessary to make it all possible.

We are deeply concerned about the financial stability of our drama club going forward. This production was poised to be one of the single most expensive shows we’ve produced in several years. Those expenses have already been paid, making this production a huge financial loss. If you have the ability to donate, we hope that you will so that we can continue sharing these experiences with Dobson students and our community.