COVID-19 Response

With the recent decision by Governor Ducey to close all schools until March 27, we have been forced to make a difficult decision regarding the state of our production. I must announce that at this time we will postpone our performances of In the Heights. Due to the school closure we will not be able to hold critical rehearsals prior to our April 1st opening.

We hope to give you more information about this postponement on or after March 22nd. In the meantime, ticket holders will be receiving a full refund as the Eventbrite event is being cancelled.

When we decided to mount In the Heights for our spring musical we knew we were setting a goal to surpass many of our highest achievements. One goal in particular was to design and build the largest and most complex set we have ever had for any production. But we didn’t stop there. This performance would be incredibly challenging in every aspect of production. We had high expectations for the costumes, music, dancing, vocals, sound, and lighting. Our students brought that talent necessary to make all of that possible.

We would be remiss if we didn’t express how much it has cost to make all of this possible. This entire season was intended to be a turning point for our view of the role of scenic design. However, in achieving these goals we had to increase our budgets well beyond anything we had done before.

We are deeply concerned that the postponement or cancellation of our show may mean that we go into debt that will have negative ramifications for our drama club going forward.

We are asking that you make a donation to the Dobson Drama Club to help sustain our programming through this challenging time.