Sami English

I have always been attached to the performing arts. My family always said I would somehow end up in the drama program and look where I am now. I originally tried to be a part of theater in junior high. I auditioned for my first show but wasn’t cast. I decided I still wanted to be a part of the production and signed up to be a techie for the musical. I went into this blindly, expecting to just have to move a couple things and that would be it. Then one day Tim said, “Hey, do you wanna be a stage manager?” Having no clue what that meant, I said yes but I’m so glad I did. Even though I only planned on doing stagecraft this year because I wasn’t eligible for softball, now I have realized I definitely want to stay in stagecraft for the next 3 years. I have 3 more years of getting to know these people and growing in this program.

Navarro and Sami during post rehearsal notes.

The Dobson Drama Club has become my second family. Everyone is so accepting and there is always a smiling face wherever you turn. I have gained true friends that I don’t think I have ever had before. Everyone works their hardest at all times and is dedicated to the shows. We put our whole hearts into these productions. Hundreds of hours of work all for 5 performances. Seeing how hard everyone works to make each show possible has made me want to work even harder.

Grant and Navarro are amazing teachers who really care about you and really want to help you succeed in whatever way you would like to. I personally would love to go into a career in theatre because it’s something I truly enjoy. It is an amazing feeling of pride and accomplishment, working on something and seeing that people love it. A year ago I think I would have said that I want to be a professional musician. Now that‘s nowhere near what I think I’ll do in the future. The choice between softball and stagecraft this year changed my views on who I want to be and what I want to do.

Molly and Sami receiving post rehearsal notes.

I walked into Dobson Stagecraft thinking I already knew everything and there was nothing I needed to learn. That was definitely very wrong. I have already learned so much just this year. I started out this year as the Assistant Stage Manager for Lend Me A Tenor. I got to work alongside Molly, and I really learned a lot from her. I was then Deck Captain for the 2020 Winter Showcase and I realized how big and how much of a responsibility every single person has and what a difference it makes in how the show goes on.

In The Heights will be my first musical at Dobson. I have been assigned to work as the Prop Master and Set Dresser for the musical. There is a lot of work that goes into every aspect of the shows that I would have never thought of. It’s going to be an amazing show! The stage will look absolutely fantastic, and our cast will be spectacular. I am so excited to see how it turns out!

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