Songs for a New World Cast

songs for a new world

Congratulations! Be proud of your selection for our show. Be even more prepared by respecting the trust your directors are placing in you for giving the best of your talent every day.

Cast List

  • Will Roggentien
  • Aidan Rumsey
  • Camren Martinez
  • Jessie Williams
  • Bella Navarro
  • Rachel Lemons
  • Brooke Speer


  • Bailey Bruner
  • Yailin Marrufo
  • Azarion Pinder

Thank you to all who auditioned. Please know many more opportunities will be available for you next year. Keep up with your vocal training, and be prepared for a much larger cast show next year!

First Rehearsal

Wednesday, March 10th • 2021

Choir Room
9:00 – NOON

  • Material Distribution
  • Production Team Introductions
  • Rehearsal Schedule
  • Conflict Due at Wednesday’s meeting (PREFERABLY SOONER)
  • Parent Support
  • ECA Donations
  • Costumes
  • Set Design
  • T-Shirts
  • Ticket Sales
  • Publicity
  • Commitment

Song List and Order

  1. “Opening Sequence: The New World” – Full Company
    • Man 1/Man 2, Woman 1/Woman 2 TBD at 1st Rehearsal
  2. “Just One Step” – Rachel Lemons
  3. “I’m Not Afraid of Anything” – Jessie Williams and Bella Navarro
  4. “Stars and the Moon” – Bella Navarro
  5. “She Cries” – Camren Martinez
  6. “Surabaya-Santa” – Brooke Speer
  7. “Christmas Lullaby” – Jessie Williams
  8. “King of the World” – Will Roggentien
  9. “Hear My Song” – Full Company
    • Woman 1- Jessie Williams
    • Woman 2- Bella Navarro
    • Ensemble
    • Man 1-/Man 2 TBD at 1st Rehearsal

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