She Loves Me Cast

To be certain our musical theater program here at Dobson is thriving. You all have serious talent at various stages of development, and you’re all so eager: wanting to perform in challenging, new musicals. You’re wanting the opportunity of proving your talent and professional attitude during rehearsals and throughout each performance. You’re wanting to be on the Gammage stage performing before an audience of 3,000 proving just how good we are. It’s here that Mrs. Murray, Ms. Lopez, and myself wish we could make all dreams come true, but the realities of theater are such that some of you will be disappointed: either in not being cast in the show, or selected for a role you deeply wanted and hoped you’d earn. Truthfully, selecting a cast is only the beginning of the process, and those chosen have to prove each and every rehearsal and performance that they respect the chance of being on stage. Those not selected, please know your talent was taken seriously, and we hope you take advantage of participating in our show in other, equally meaningful ways. Above all, thank you for making the effort and spending the time of being the best performer you are.


Cast List

Arpad Laszlo – Rachel Lemons

Ladislav Sipos – Bailey Bruner

Ilona Ritter – Bella Navarro

Steven Kodaly – Camren Martinez

Georg Nowack – Will Roggentien

Mr. Maraczek – Nyle Rivera

Amalia Balash – Jessie Williams


Azarion Pinder, Hannah Elgart, Andre Johnson, Leila Goodale, Billy Oshiro, Bella Kelton, Lincoln Goldman, Kylie Smith, Elizabeth Mason

Monday, January 3rd • 2022


Choir Room


First Rehearsal Agenda

  • Material Distribution
  • Production Team Introductions
  • Rehearsal Schedule
  • Conflicts Due at Monday’s meeting
  • Parent Support
  • ECA Donations
  • Costumes
  • Set Design
  • T-Shirts
  • Ticket Sales
  • Publicity
  • Commitment