Jessie Williams

Hey! My name is Jessie Williams and I am the 2020-2021 director of Friday Night Live (FNL). I have always had a love for performing on stage. I have been a part of the Dobson Drama Club since Freshman year and I was primarily a musical gal. They are the perfect mixture of everything I love most. I fell in love with the stage at Rhodes Jr. High with our production of Horror High. While sometimes I look back at pictures and videos I cringe but that truly is where it all began. It is where I met and became such good friends with some of the most important people in my life. 

The first production I was a part of at Dobson was Bring It On. It was such an eye opening experience to the endless possibilities of what can come from the Dobson stage. I was later a part of In The Heights. Even though this show never went up, it only fueled my love for the stage and drove me to want more. It showed me that this is what I want to do and it gave me the passion to give it my all. 


Then, something caught my eye my Sophomore year of highschool. This was the Friday Night Live that you and I know and love. This special show brought so many people into my life that I am extremely grateful for. The thing that is so cool about FNL is that the possibilities are endless. We’re given nearly infinite creative freedom with what we put on stage. Members are able to utilize their creative range not only on paper, but with their characters as well. FNL is truly such a tight-knit family, with all members sharing the same passion for entertaining and bringing the stage alive. This show is so unique in every aspect and has such a special place in my heart.

Historic FNL

This program has kept me going through thick and thin. I can never explain how thankful I am to have the opportunity to perform on stage, or over video. I am so happy I know what I want to do with my life all because of this program. I’ve met the people that I now call my best friends in this program. I can’t even describe how much joy it brings me to be on stage with people that I love so much and share the same passion with. The feeling is indescribable.  

I would like to thank Navarro, Grant, and of course my wonderful castmates for all of their hard work and passion for putting so much effort into this amazing program. Enjoy the show!