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Winter Showcase 2021

April 1, 2021

We are pleased to announce our 2021 Winter Showcase, a collection of short scenes and monologues that present the talent that Dobson Drama has to offer! As with all of our productions this year, the Winter Showcase is a filmed production. We will be delivering the scenes from our hardworking students right here on our website. We will be adding two scenes to this page every week throughout the month of March.

We’d like to encourage our audience to make a small donation to Dobson Drama. While ordinarily our season is in-person with regular $8 ticket sales, it doesn’t seem worthwhile to charge money so that you can watch short videos on your phone or computer. But these donations help us to build back up our program for a time when it’s safe to have a full production with a real, live audience.

Director’s Notes

The idea of having a showcase has been needling at me for years. Traditionally, acting showcases are featured as part of comprehensive drama programs; providing a performer an opportunity at displaying everything they’ve learned through many years of study. For some, it’s about getting admitted into an elite MFA program at a prestigious school. At the professional level, it’s about showing acting, singing, and dancing skills in the hopes of being signed by a performance agency that could launch a career.

Our Winter Showcase is some of that, and also none of that. Yes, we’re showcasing what some of our very talented students have developed in their time at Dobson. But, it’s mostly about me wanting to challenge my kids in performing scenes outside their acting “range.” It’s about letting you see them being featured center stage, after spending many productions playing minor roles. Most of all, it’s about being amazed at what they can accomplish when given an opportunity performing a meaningful scene, be it comedic or dramatic. In the end, that’s really what I was hoping for: genuine, heartfelt, hysterical, and emotional performances that have made me extremely proud.

Stardust Memories (March 2nd)

2B or Not 2B (March 4th)

Seasons Greetings (March 9th)

The Philadelphia (March 11th)

Midnight in Paris (March 23rd)

Absent Minded Waiter (March 25th)

Santaland Diaries (March 30th)

Pipeline (April 1st)


April 1, 2021