Filming Fully Committed

Fully Committed Filming

Our First Film Production

It has been a brand new experience for us, producing a movie. We have done a number of different plays and musicals in a variety of different spaces, but film is a whole other beast. We are so excited to be working on this project and it’s incredible to see our hard work come to life in this new medium.

The Budget

The Drama Club has been in tough places before. Personally, I’m always inspired by what we can create for a low-budget play. But what about a no-budget film? In spite of the hurdles we’ve had to overcome, our production team has held some incredible standards, and I am impressed to say that we’ve met them all so far. We’ve called in some favors, borrowed some equipment, and made some personal investments to make this unique experience possible.

Our students are dedicated to making great productions and learning the trade. It is truly a sight to behold when you see a student take complete ownership of something and create fantastic work, whether that be a great performance, an original costume design, or a detailed production analysis.

We support Dobson Drama because... We are Family


At a time when we need to be distanced, there’s no better way to visually show our support than by posting on social media the faces of everyone who loves and supports our students. The Dobson Drama Parent Group is inviting parents, families, and friends to donate $10 and have their support proudly shared on Dobson Drama’s social media feeds. You can show your support for your loved one in Dobson Drama by taking of a photograph with a sign that says, “I support Dobson Drama because…” and making your $10 donation at the link below.